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Affiliate Program

last update: 02/12/2023

Are you an influencer/creator who loves stickers? Then join our Affiliate Program 


Featherstone Motifs Affiliate Agreement

Nature of Affiliation

  • Affiliates shall complete successful marketing and promoting of Featherstone Motifs products via their social media platforms using the link or code provided by Featherstone Motifs
  • Affiliates are encouraged to provide feedback on existing Featherstone Motifs products and marketing, as well as ideas for new product offerings and marketing options, all via private messaging
  • Featherstone Motifs may repost affiliate promotions on Featherstone Motifs social media platforms, and affiliates are encouraged to repost Featherstone Motifs social media posts as appropriate to the affiliates niche - affiliates can request in writing to opt out of having their promotions reposted by Featherstone Motifs
  • Featherstone Motifs will notify affiliates about new products and offerings prior to those products being made public. In addition, Featherstone Motifs may provide free samples of the new products as appropriate to the affiliate’s niche, level of interest in that product, and sales performance history 
  • Affiliates will promote a positive image while maintaining a partnership that mutually benefits both parties. 
  • Featherstone Motifs values collaboration and good communication, and therefore expects affiliates to privately message Featherstone Motifs about any concerns or issues; Featherstone Motifs will do the same. Any concerns between the two parties will not be made public
  • In addition to agreeing to the Featherstone Motifs Affiliate Agreement, affiliates must also follow all Shopify Collabs - Terms of Service, even if the affiliate is not part of Shopify Collabs
Affiliate Program Compensation

Qualifying Purchases

Featherstone Motifs will pay standard commission income when a customer uses the assigned link or the assigned code provided to the affiliate by Featherstone Motifs, and the customer makes a purchase within 90 days of first using the link. Multiple orders from that customer, as long as they initially used the affiliate link to make a purchase, during the 90 days will be included. This includes all products except custom orders, see Custom Orders below.

Disqualified Purchases

The following purchases that would otherwise be Qualified Purchases are disqualified and excluded from the Affiliate Program: 

  • Any products purchased after termination of the affiliate agreement
  • Any product orders where a cancellation, return, or refund has been initiated by the customer

Custom vs. Personalized Orders

Custom orders are products that are unique to a specific customer. Personalized products are based on an existing Featherstone Motifs design that has been personalized with information like names or dates. Personalized stickers are qualified for affiliate commission. A custom example would be stickers featuring a company’s logo. A personalized example would be a wedding save the date sticker with the couple’s name and wedding date added to an existing Featherstone Motifs design before printing.

Custom Orders

Please reach out to Featherstone Motifs via to discuss any custom orders prior to your follower(s) contacting Featherstone Motifs about the custom order. This is so Featherstone Motifs can include affiliate commissions when building the customer’s quote. Featherstone Motifs will work with the affiliate to identify a fair one-time commission once the needs of the custom order are understood. Custom orders may require custom design work up front for a fixed fee prior to creating a customer quote. The affiliate will not receive a commission on any custom design work that does not result in an order.  

Standard Commission

Affiliates receive a 10% commission, and their followers receive a 10% discount, on all qualifying purchases. Customers cannot use this discount with any other offers, promotions, or fundraising events. In addition, Featherstone Motifs may provide free product samples to affiliates as appropriate to their niche, level of interest and sales performance history. 

Fundraising Bonus

At Featherstone Motifs we love to give back to our community! Part of this is through fundraising activities with qualified non-profit organizations. This fundraising will give back 20% on sales of all qualified purchases generated by the fundraising activity during the defined fundraising timeframe. 

If an affiliate is aware of a qualifying non-profit that is looking for fundraising options, please have them reach out to Featherstone Motifs via and tell us that they were referred by you. Featherstone Motifs will work with the organization and if they hold a fundraiser that generates a minimum of $750 in gross sales, Featherstone Motifs will pay you a one-time $50 finders fee. This finders fee will be included with regular commissions using the same payment schedule (45 days after the last of the month when the fundraiser ended). The finders fee only applies to non-profit organizations who have not contacted Featherstone Motifs on their own (either in the past or without identifying you as the referral), and it is only for affiliates in good standing with Featherstone Motifs. This one-time finders fee is only available on the first fundraiser run by the qualifying non-profit.

Affiliate Payments

  • Commissions for affiliates using shopify collabs will be processed via shopify collabs. Commissions for non-shopify collabs affiliates will be paid and processed via check.
    • If an affiliate does not select or maintain valid information for a payment option, Featherstone Motifs may, at our discretion, pay you through another payment option or hold earned commission income until payment information has been provided.
  • Affiliate payments will be made monthly after an approximate 45 day waiting period from the end of each calendar month in which the commissions were earned. This 45 day waiting period is to allow time for any product returns or refunds to be processed. For example: Commissions of $25 or more earned in the month of September will be paid approximately 45 days after September 30th, which is on or about November 15th.
  • A minimum commission of $25 is required for payment. For example: If an affiliate generates $10 in commission each month, then the payout will be made approximately 45 days after the end of the month in which the $25 minimum was reached. The next payout will be made 45 days after the end of the month when the commission balance again reaches or exceeds the $25 minimum.
  • Payout of any remaining balance will be made approximately 45 days after the termination of the affiliate agreement
  • Payout of any remaining balance will also be made on or about December 15th for any affiliates who have not reached the $25 minimum by October 30th

Affiliate Agreement Termination

This agreement will remain in place until one or both parties, Featherstone Motifs or the affiliate, terminate the affiliate agreement in writing. Featherstone Motifs reserves the right to remove affiliates who do not meet the terms and conditions of this Affiliate Agreement.