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Fundraiser FAQs

How does the process work? Once the organization contacts Featherstone Motifs and provides us with the dates of the event and the organization’s tax ID number, we will work with the organization to create their fundraising event. We will also work with your organization to create a unique sticker design (upon request).

What happens if someone doesn’t use our organization’s unique code/link? Unfortunately, there is no way to know an order is for your organization unless the customer uses the provided code/link at checkout. 

What does the 20% of sales donation include? - All sales on during the agreed-upon dates for any customer who uses the organization's unique code/link. Does not include orders where the organization's unique code is not used, sales tax, shipping charges, and custom orders.

What is the difference between personalized and custom? Personalized are pre-made designs that allow customers to add their own information to an existing design for us to create their stickers. Personalized orders, including unique designs we create for your event, count towards your event sales when your organization’s unique code is entered. Custom orders are when the customer brings their own design or design idea to us. Custom orders are excluded from event sales.

Do I need to distribute products myself? No, Featherstone Motifs will ship directly to the customer and provide the customer with shipping information and receipts.

How long does the event run? We will work with you on the dates for your event. We recommend 2 - 3 weeks per event. This will help create excitement!

Can I have more than one event per year? Yes, however, we recommend a few months between each event.

When will I receive the donation for my organization? We will leave the organization’s unique code open for a week past the published close date. A check will be mailed to the organization 30 days after the fundraiser ends. 

What if customers have questions? If the customer has questions regarding the organization or how they will use funds, they will be referred to our contact on file. If the customer has questions about products, shipping time, etc. Featherstone Motifs will respond.

What if I have more questions? Contact us at